I have worked for the school district in Northridge for many years, got hurt on the job, went on disability for six months, went back to work and got fired. Is this legal?

My son was found dead in his home. There was a gun on the floor and the police say it was a suicide, but I don’t buy that. What can I do?

These are among questions asked by the public on Legal Help Live, which launched last year and airs on the government access channels 16 in Santa Monica and 36 in Los Angeles from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every Wednesday.

Produced in the Santa Monica City Council Chambers, Legal Help Live features attorneys Stephen Solomon, Ralph Saltsman, Stephen Jamieson and Bruce Evans from the law firm Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson.

The unscripted television show covers issues ranging from how to deal with traffic tickets and landlord/tenant problems to criminal issues such as embezzlement, homicide and rape.

The show’s original incarnation ran for five years as a radio call-in show on KRLA NewsTalk 870 AM.

Attorneys take questions from the public by telephone and provide “next steps” to all callers, many of whom are return callers with new challenges or follow-ups on previous issues.

“Think of Car Talk (if the two mechanics were attorneys) meets Larry King,” said an In Magazine review.

“At Legal Help Live, anyone is encouraged to call in and ask a legal question, any question, and get a legal answer.

“But the show is much more than that. It is informative, entertaining, opinionated and controversial.”

The Legal Help Live on-air telephone line is (310) 458-4950. The off-air telephone line is (800) 405-4222.