The California Coastal Commission has extended public comment on the Marina del Rey LCP (Local Coastal Program) until a commission meeting in November.

Pam Emerson, Los Angeles area supervisor, is encouraging the public to send comments to the commission’s Long Beach office or concerning the Marina LCP during this period.

Susan Cloke, County Marina del Rey Design Control Board chair, asked county staff to provide a copy of the coastal commission summary report for the Marina LCP at the next Design Control meeting after a member of the public requested the information during the design board meeting public comment period, Thursday, June 16th.

OTHER BOARD ACTION — During its meeting last week, The Design Control Board:

n approved an extension until November of banners and signage at the Waterside Marina Shopping Center during construction; and

n approved a three-year extension for temporary storage of six storage containers on the western edge of the Dock 77 parcel on Mindanao Way related to storage of equipment for a county youth program.