The city of Santa Monica and the Urban Forest Master Plan Task Force have scheduled a series of workshops to receive public input in planning for the long-term health of Santa Monica’s urban forest.

The “Street Tree Species Selection” workshops will be held at 10:30 a.m. beginning Saturday, May 21, as well as June 4 and 25, in the multipurpose room of the Main Public Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica.

The workshops will offer residents an opportunity to help determine appropriate tree species on streets in the event that a street tree needs to be replaced in the future.

“We all have trees in our neighborhoods that we know and love,” said Judy Abdo, former Santa Monica mayor and current chair of the Urban Forest Master Plan Task Force. “In a dynamic system such as an urban forest, change is inevitable. It’s vitally important that the community has a say in how our urban forest grows.”

The urban forest master planning process now underway is expected to yield recommendations for policies and procedures that will guide the future growth and maintenance of the urban forest, city officials said. Recommendations will be presented to the City Council in the coming months for its review and approval.

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