Pyewacket — Roy Disney’s 86-foot Zephyrus yacht — has dropped out of the Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta yacht race.

Pyewacket had “trouble with its mast Tuesday morning, February 22nd, dropped its sails and motored into Cabo San Lucas on the tip of Baja California.

“Apparently, a crack in the top section of the carbon fiber rig was discovered during a routine daily inspection at 10:20 a.m. PST about 20 miles west of Cabo San Lucas,” the Del Rey Yacht Club reported on its Web site.

Before the big yacht pulled out of the race, the Del Rey Yacht Club Web site had reported that “Pyewacket was making 10.5 to 11 knots into a seven-knot headwind with a No. 2 jib and full main sail.”

Pyewacket’s “average speed for the first 384 nukes was 9.2 knots — about three-tenths of a knot less than necessary to break the record of four days, 23 hours, 0 minutes, 14 seconds set by the MacGregor 65 Joss in 1985,” the Del Rey Yacht Club Web site, earlier reported.

Two days before the start Friday, February 18th, Randall Pittman pulled his Dubois 90, Genuine Risk, from the race.

The Del Rey Yacht Club sponsors the Marina to Puerto Vallarta yacht race every two years in odd-numbered years. This year Corum, a family-owned company that produces Swiss watches, has been added as the title sponsor of the race.

SALSA DIVISION — The Del Rey Yacht reported Tuesday, February 22nd, that the Salsa Division in the Marina to Puerto Vallarta race was facing “light and flat seas.”

“But the fishing is expected to pick up any time now,” the yacht club Web site reported.

While fishing is part of the Salsa cruising fleet, the serious sailors in other divisions were facing seven-knot headwinds.

“Doug Baker’s maxi sled Magnitude 80, though rating 85 seconds per mile slower, was only 13 miles behind.

“Mag’s hanging in there really well,” the Web site earlier reported Pyewacket watch captain Ben Mitchell as saying.

“But the closest race was between the two Transpac 52s — Karl Kwok’s Beau Geste from Hong Kong and the Mark Jones/Dick Watts Flash, San Francisco.

“They were dead even in latitude and longitude as they closed in on the three Santa Cruz 50s that started a day earlier.

“Greg Daley, skipper of the escort vessel Chaos, said, ‘It was so cool to see these boats neck and neck after 600 miles of racing,'” the Web site reported.

The weather was described as perfect. “No clouds, no rain, about 75 degrees with calm seas. Ocean is blue,” the Web site reported.

Daily position reports, including latitude and longitude and standings, are posted at

As of Sunday, February 20th, standings by corrected handicap time, seconds-per-mile handicap ratings were listed as:

Racing Division:

PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) ñAA; (started Friday, February 18th):

1. Magnitude 80 (Andrews 80) — 180, Doug Baker, Long Beach, 754 miles to go;

2. Scout Spirit (R/P77) — 120, David Janes/Jan Steinbeck, Newport Sea Base Syndicate, Newport Beach, 815 to go; and

3. Pyewacket (Reichel/Pugh maxZ86) — Roy E. Disney, Los Angeles, pulled out of the race Tuesday morning.

Did not start: Genuine Risk (Dubois 90) — 274, Randall Pittman, San Diego.

PHRF-A; (started Thursday, February 17th):

1. Tie between Beau Geste (Transpac 52) — 78, Karl Kwok, Hong Kong, and Flash (Transpac 52) — 78, Mark Jones/Dick Watts, San Francisco, 662 miles to go.

Withdrew: Barking Spider (MacGregor 65) — 24, David Kory, Point Richmond, California.

PHRF-B; (started Wednesday, February 16th):

1. Bay Wolf (S/C50) — 3, Kirk Wilson, San Pedro, California, 617 miles to go.

2. Chicken Little (Santa Cruz 50T), 0, Don Adams/Rick Palmer, Los Angeles, 621 miles to go; and

3. Horizon (S/C 50) — 3, Jack Taylor, Dana Point, 636 miles to go.

Salsa Division

(after one of three legs):


1. Lark (J/46), 45, Bob and Kathy Patterson, Los Angeles;

2. Cheyenne (Whiting 49), 75, Alan Blunt, Venice/David Fox, Santa Cruz; and

3. Broadway Babe (C&C 110), 72, Jim Maslon, Marina del Rey; did not finish.

Withdrew: Masquerade (Choate 40), 72, Tim Coker, San Diego.


1. Green Dragon (Catalina 380), 120, Gary Green, Culver City; and

2. Enchanted Lady (Roberts 55 ketch, 96, Andy Sibert, Seal Beach, did not finish.


1. Lazy Bones (Irwin 54), 99, Jeff Allen, Marina del Rey;

2. Quest (Davidson 53), 72, Scott Adam, Marina del Rey;

Tied, 3: Ginny B (Beneteau 46), 78, Mark Biddison, Boulder, Colorado, did not finish; and

Tied, 3: Far Niente (Catalina 42), 102, Patrick Hearne, Newport Beach, did not finish.