A clogged storm drain caused flooding in Playa del Rey
Screenshot via KCAL 9

The first rains of 2018 brought flooding to low-lying coastal areas of Playa del Rey streets on Monday and Tuesday, with water pooling at Culver Boulevard and Trolleyway as county workers deployed pumps and hurried to unblock a clogged storm drain.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works spokesman Steven Frasher said it appears shifting ocean currents pushed sand into a 72-inch concrete reinforced pipe at the end of Culver, causing the blockage.

The pumps could be in place for a couple of days before all the water has been removed from the intersection, Frasher said Tuesday.

“We have a system that works most of the time. When the storm came along it didn’t work as it should have,” Frasher acknowledged. “We didn’t anticipate any kind of blockage.”

One longtime resident said storm-related flooding has occurred at least a half a dozen times in recent years, especially in the oceanfront neighborhood known as The Jungle.

“We had a couple of feet of water in our garage. The county just totally screws up once in a while,” said homeowner Vance Griffith, who has lived at Trolleyway and Culver for 35 years.

“Solutions are actively being worked on” to avoid further blockages, Frasher said.