Seeing through the Eyes of the Mona Lisa, a group exhibition of “random photography,” will be on display at the Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica beginning Saturday, Sept. 10 through Oct. 1.

An opening reception, featuring Baroque music, is scheduled from 6 to 9 p.m. Sept. 10 at Arena 1, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica.

Curated by Yossi Govrin and Krista Augius, the exhibition aims to explore “the randomness of photography as a discipline.”

Through the exhibit, those who consider themselves artists and those who may not think ofthemselves as artists will have the opportunity to display their photographs in a random way in a gallery space, a spokesperson for the gallery notes.

All subject matters have been accepted to allow maximum expression of how the public sees and experiences daily life.

At the opening night, each visitor will be given a Mona Lisa mask, intended to represent unified singular vision, through which viewers see each other and the work on display, the gallery spokesperson said.

Baroque music will be played during the reception.

Arena 1 is an exhibition space founded by Santa Monica Art Studios directors Govrin and Sherry Frumkin that is based in an historic hangar at the Santa Monica Airport.