Last week in this column we suggested that the turnout for the Los Angeles City Council 11th District runoff Tuesday, May 17th, would be less than the weak percentage of folks who voted in the primary last week.

And we added that a low turnout would probably benefit Flora Gil Krisiloff, because voters in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades — Krisiloff strongholds — historically vote in larger numbers than those in the part of the district that was formerly the Sixth Council District.

We should have said in larger percentage numbers.

It didn’t take long for Krisiloff opponent Bill Rosendahl’s campaign chairman Mike Bonin to come down on our suggestions.

And Bonin hit us with real ammo — stats from the March 8th primary.

“Actually the stats from the primary tell a different story” than what we were suggesting, Bonin e-mailed.

“A precinct breakdown shows 3,649 people in Brentwood voted and 3,464 in Palisades voted,” Bonin told us. “By comparison, 4,898 people in Westchester; and 4,462 people in Mar Vista voted.

“In fact, even Venice had more voters than Brentwood — 3,790 Venetians voted.”

That’s why Bonin is a campaign chairman and we are just a guy who tosses out “suggestions.”

Alas, not all of our spaghetti stays on the wall.

MORE NUMBERS — In the communities that Bonin mentions, 20,263 people voted.

The three District 11 candidates received a total of 37,472 votes after 98 percent of the vote was counted — indicating 17,209 voted outside the communities listed by Bonin.

Now the fun starts.

Rosendahl’s 16,751 votes represent 11 percent of the registered voters.

Krisiloff did even worse. Her 15,549 votes represented only ten percent of the voters who could have voted in the primary.

Reddock got 5,172, just three percent of the registered voters.

There is obviously an opportunity here for Rosendahl and Krisiloff in the runoff.

LATE MAILERS — A week after the March 8th primary, we continue to get campaign mailers, asking us to vote a certain way last week.

Since last Wednesday, a day after the primary, we have received four mailers from various unions — representing firemen and electrical workers — asking us to vote for council candidate Bill Rosendahl and mayoral candidate Jim Hahn and not to vote for mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg.

Somebody must think these campaign mailers work, but we’d like to have the money that is wasted on mailers that are received by voters after they have voted.

CAN’T GET THERE — The Waterside Marina Shopping Center is full of banners reading “Open During Construction” that have been placed on stores and restaurants in the center.

Big problem is, you can’t get to those stores during the major reconstruction project that is presently going on in the center.

Well, maybe you can walk in, but don’t try to find a parking spot in the center these days.

A lot of the Waterside parking has been chewed up by the construction project. And once folks get out of their cars, they are forced to walk around the parking lot because most, if not all, of the pedestrian walkways have been closed off.

Trying to get in and out of the Marina Post Office has become a real challenge.

We saw one lady trying to scramble through some landscaping to get to what now passes for the post office front door.

No doubt the shopping center will be sparkling when it is finished, but right now, it’s a real mess.

Restaurateurs and shopkeepers owe their patrons a real pat on the back for making the effort to reach them.

And drivers trying to back out of the few parking spots left have a real challenge to try to avoid all those wandering pedestrians — many with cell phones glued to their ears — who somehow always manage to arrive just as one tries to back out.

The sun came out Monday and everyone was still grumpy — drivers who couldn’t find a parking spot and pedestrians who couldn’t find out how to get to the front door of the various “hidden” shops and post office.