KELLER WILLIAMS REALTORS, volunteers and employees helped collect 1,375 pounds of food from Sunset Park residents to donate to the Westside Food Bank.

In the spirit of giving this Thanksgiving season, local Realtors of Keller Williams Realty Santa Monica and volunteers teamed up with the small grocery store to collect 1,375 pounds of food from Sunset Park neighborhood residents to donate to the Westside Food Bank.

Keller Williams Realtors Scott Price and Janice Hou, along with volunteers Michael Afshari and TC Hou, traveled through Sunset Park between Pico and Ocean Park boulevards November 9th and dropped off 1,200 brown paper bags and letters requesting the participation of the residents for the food drive. The 1,200 bags were donated by at Pico and Euclid in Sunset Park.

All food donations were to benefit the Westside Food Bank.

The Realtors and volunteers returned to the neighborhood November 13th to collect the food donations. Residents who participated in the drive left their bags outside their door, signaling for a pick-up.

Noting the considerable participation of residents, the crew said it made four trips to the Westside Food Bank for drop-offs that equated to nine barrels of food and totaled over 1,375 pounds.

“It was an awesome day in Sunset Park,” Price said. “We started on 33rd Street and by the end of the block we had nearly filled up the truck.

“We hope to inspire our neighbors and others to give a little extra this year as many are in need. We’ll be back next year with a goal to donate over 2,500 pounds of food. Thanks again Sunset Park.”