The leaseholders of Parcel 22R in Marina del Rey, which includes a restaurant, hotel and retail shops, have presented a redevelopment proposal to the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors that would include beach-oriented uses for Marina (Mothers) Beach.

The project will also be presented to local canoe and kayak club members for their review and comments.

Bill Arnold and Chuck McGuire, the lessees of the property, told The Argonaut that they want to give back to the community by providing storage areas for canoes and kayaks used at Mothers Beach. Additionally, the renovations would provide beach users and local residents access to a market.

The parcel on Admiralty Way at Via Marina includes The Cheesecake Factory, the Fog Horn Harbor Inn, Marina Cleaners and Marina Liquor. The intent of the proposal is to update the existing facilities by demolishing all buildings except for The Cheesecake Factory building, which will undergo a complete renovation to the interior and exterior, without adding additional square footage, according to the lessees. The total renovation cost for The Cheesecake Factory, which includes constructing a new 14,000-square foot retail facility and a 3,000-square foot beach-oriented space, is projected to be $8 million.

A new retail building is proposed for the remainder of Parcel 22R that will have frontage on Admiralty Way/Via Marina with two major tenants: a specialty market with a view caf/ (approximately 12,000 square feet) and replacement space for Marina Cleaners (approximately 2,000 square feet). Both tenants would be immediately accessible from Admiralty Way/Via Marina, and each would have required parking to meet Los Angeles County standards, including a total of 60-plus parking spaces, the lessees said.

In addition to the retail complex, a 3,000-square foot area will be provided below the market and parking lot. This space will be utilized for beach-oriented uses and have access to the market above it. Visitors would have easy access from Mothers Beach.

Project features include a public viewing deck at the northeast corner of the parcel, with direct access from parking lot IR (Mothers Beach) or the east end of Parcel 22R. The deck will be approximately 10 feet above a boardwalk, with approximately 400-plus square feet overlooking Mothers Beach and Basin E boating.

Arnold said that it would be a great area for visitors to overlook the swimming beach, enjoy vendor refreshments and witness sunsets or evening city lights across the Marina landscape.

The view corridor desired by the Marina del Rey Design Control Board will increase over four times, from 25 feet to 103 feet, the lessees said. Two new food establishments, including a beachside vendor and market caf/ will serve Mothers Beach visitors and local residents.

All improvements will be constructed on Parcel 22R, without any encroachment on Parcel IR, with the possible exception for public access to the viewing deck.

The lessees said there will be no negative impact from the new building for sunshade, wind currents or a decrease of view corridors. The new landscaping surrounding all new construction, including the parking lot, is expected to enhance the overall look of the project.

According to the lessees, traffic on Admiralty Way should decrease with a specialized food market now located on the west side of the Marina, serving the thousands of immediate residents within walking distance. Market delivery service will be available for local residents.

The proposed project is expected to meet or exceed all Los Angeles County Code requirements with no significant impact on immediate surroundings, said McGuire. The anticipated additional project income will be $149,000, or a 32.7-percent increase above the current county rental income.