Marina del Rey is a hub of recreation, entertainment and business

By Assemblywoman Autumn Burke

Nate Holden, Zev Yaroslavsky, Don Knabe, William A. Burke, Yvonne B. Burke, Autumn Burke and Dick Riordan

Nate Holden, Zev Yaroslavsky, Don Knabe, William A. Burke, Yvonne B. Burke, Autumn Burke and Dick Riordan

One of the most peaceful walks in Southern California is through Burton Chace Park. I often find myself there just as the sun touches down against the water, watching the great blue herons skim the horizon with the last rays of light lapping up against the boats, and I am reminded why the Los Angeles Times once wrote that Marina del Rey is perhaps Los Angeles County’s greatest resource.

Marina del Rey has been a part of my family for decades. Both my parents have represented this community during their careers in public service — my mom as a Los Angeles County supervisor and my dad as a member of the California Coastal Commission. Today you can find their names on the Yvonne B. Burke Park and Dr. William A. Burke Marina Walk Promenade. But more than being a public display of their names, these facilities represent my family’s commitment to open space, the environment and recreation on our coast.

Imagine my excitement when, in November, I was elected to represent the 62nd Assembly District, which includes Marina del Rey. I now have the chance to continue and expand upon the work they started, and to leave this community an even greater resource for my own daughter.

Marina del Rey is a community of great complexity and holds a special place in the hearts of many different people. From boaters to retirees to the burgeoning tech community of Silicon Beach, the marina is a hub of recreation, entertainment and business.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet with many of those businesses during the LAX/Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce “Power Hour” at the Marina del Rey Hotel, where we discussed our shared goals for the region and for the state, including cleaning up the way California does business with IT vendors and ensuring that our students are adequately trained in science, technology, engineering and math.

We also have an incredible natural resource in the Ballona Wetlands, and I truly believe we should all continue to work to preserve and enjoy it. I have already begun reaching out to community leaders and elected officials in the area to work on protecting the flora and fauna that make their home in this ecologically sensitive preserve. This is one of the last great open spaces in Los Angeles County, and our residents deserve a commitment to protecting it.

As Marina del Rey enters the next 50 years, I am looking forward to working with you to make it shine even brighter. This community is incredibly important to me — not just because of my family’s history, but because this is where my family calls home.

Happy birthday, Marina del Rey! Fifty never looked so good.