The Marina Affairs Committee heard presentations for county projects in Marina del Rey from the Los Angeles County departments of Regional Planning and Public Works at its Aug. 15 meeting at Burton Chace Park.

The Marina Affairs Committee is one of several committees of the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce.

Gina Natoli, supervisor for Community Studies West Section of the Advance Planning Division of Regional Planning, will direct the Marina del Rey visioning process and Regional Planner Kevin Finkel will be working with her on the project.

Pamela Manning and Brittany Barker from Public Works discussed various projects in the Marina that include roads, water lines, a watershed, sewers and others.

Natoli told the committee that she is gathering public input related to an update to the Local Coastal Program (LCP) for the next 15 to 20 years. She said the primary goal is to receive public input, beginning with the kickoff meeting either in late September or early October. The team and other aspects first need to be put in place before a meeting date is determined.

Natoli said this is the opportunity for community members to say what they would like to see in the Marina right now, rather than 15 to 20 years in the future.

“We will never refuse to meet with anyone, and if we are invited to a neighborhood council meeting or chamber event, or any other meeting to hear input, we will be there,” she said.

The proposed roadmap for Marina del Rey includes the LCP Periodic Review response in 2010, project-driven LCP amendments in 2012, the visioning process (2012-13), and the LCP update (2014), said Natoli. There were four projects that needed LCP amendments – residential units on Parcel 10/FF; senior accommodations/retail/public parking on Parcel OT; a dry-stack boat storage facility/boatwright shop on Parcel 52/GG; and Burton Chace Park expansion and visitor-serving commercial use on Parcel 49/77. Cumulative impact assessment includes parking, natural resources and boat slips.

The periodic review conducted by the California Coastal Commission evaluated whether or not the LCP implementation is in conformity with the California Coastal Act. There were 68 recommendations for changes to the LCP, and a response by the county was required, said Natoli.

The county had to either respond to the recommendations or respond in one year why it chose not to reply. Natoli said the second option was chosen, and that the county agrees with 88 percent of the Coastal Commission recommendations in the periodic review.

Natoli told the committee audience that the input process will include community workshops, special-focus meetings, a virtual town hall online, listening sessions, meetings with local neighborhood councils, advisory groups, agencies, county departments, the Small Craft Harbor Commission, the Design Control Board, the Marina Sheriff’s Department, the county Fire Department in Marina del Rey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Coast Guard, and via fax, phone and e-mail. She said the county will be working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power as well.

Natoli spoke on the importance of public input to the process. “If we have 10 million people deciding not to vote because they don’t think their vote is important, that is a significant loss. Everyone’s voice is important,” Natoli said.

She noted that all of the information the department receives will be considered, “and if it works, it will stay in. If you disagree, there will be many public venues where you can express your opinions.”

One of the audience members asked if Natoli and Finkel will review comments made by the public about Marina projects at meetings such as the Small Craft Harbor Commission or the Design Control Board. Natoli said they wouldn’t because they are long-range planners, and these meetings are geared toward specific projects.

In addition, she said that the meeting minutes don’t fully provide public comment about projects, and that’s why “it’s so important that everyone give their input now,” directly to Natoli and Finkel, in order to incorporate all of that information with other public input.

Natoli can be reached at (213) 974-6422, or by e-mail,

Periodic Review information,


Manning and Barker with Public Works also presented updates and project timelines for the Marina infrastructure projects at the committee meeting. One of those projects, odor control at a sewer force main outlet manhole on Admiralty Way, has been completed.

Other projects include the tide gate project, which began in February;

the 18-inch Waterline Replacement Phase II Project, which is under construction; Phase III is estimated to start in November 2013;

the seawall refurbishment project, which began in August;

the Boathouse Project that began in August;

the Manhole Lining Project Phase III, which is scheduled to start in September;

the Admiralty Way street improvement project, with construction slated to start in February 2013;

Parking Lots 5 and 7 Parkway Improvement Project, with estimated start date in April 2013;

Oxford Retention Basin Multi-use Enhancement Project, estimated start date is June 2013;

Admiralty Way-Via Marina roadway project, with construction estimated to start November 2014; and

the Fiji Way Roadway Improvement Project, estimated to start in December 2014.

Another project, the Admiralty Way settlement repair, is scheduled to begin Sept. 4, with repairs to the settled roadway to prevent further settlement, removal of existing grade and cement-treat soil, reconstruct sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, and medians, restore existing street lights, traffic loops, roadway striping and update signage.

The required repair is due to sinking of the roadway in front of the Marina City Club, according to Public Works.

Repairs are scheduled to last approximately 10 weeks, with the closure of two lanes occurring at a time on Admiralty Way from Via Regatta to approximately 800 feet east to 2,100 feet east of Palawan Way.

The two westbound lanes will be closed for the first four weeks, allowing one lane for vehicles, and switching to the opposite two lanes for the next four weeks.

Road closures will be 24 hours a day, with the exception of the last two weeks, when the median is being restored from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Barker said that no left-hand turns will be allowed along the route from Via Regatta to Palawan Way on Admiralty Way, but westbound drivers will be permitted to make a u-turn at Palawan Way to access the businesses on the south side of Admiralty Way.

Barker said that message boards would be set up alerting drivers approximately one week before construction begins.

The various Marina del Rey infrastructure projects can be viewed online, with a corresponding map to indicate where these projects are taking place; click on “Marina del Rey Projects,” ¤