Registration is under way for this year’s Push/Pull Powerlifting Competition scheduled Saturday, August 5th, at the Venice Beach Recreation Center, 1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice.

The bench press and dead lift will comprise the events for the annual contest, with men, women and juniors competing in nearly 30 weight and age classes under the rules of the United States Powerlifting Federation.

The bench press requires participants to lie on their back on a horizontal bench and press a weight supported by a barbell straight up from their chest, locking their elbows at the top, and then bringing the weight back down to their chest.

The dead lift requires participants to start in a standing position, then bend forward and lift a barbell, return to an upright position, then lower the weight back to the ground.

Registration is $60 per competitor through Saturday, July 22nd; $70 from Sunday, July 23rd, through Friday, August 4th; and $80 (cash only) on August 5th.

Information, or to sign up for the tournament, (310) 399-2775.