The Marina del Rey Halibut Derby has been “reinvented” for 2011, scheduled for just one day, Saturday, May 14 and covering an expanded fishing area.

Under the new format announced by the Marina del Rey Anglers Board of Directors, other fish species will also be eligible for prizes and a special 20 percent weight credit for live halibut releases will be given to anglers to encourage a new catch and release ethic.

“We were looking for ways to make our traditional derby more inclusive to more anglers and at the same time put less pressure on our very local halibut stocks,” said Ken Raymond, director of this year’s halibut derby.

According to the Anglers, making the derby a one day event and lowering the entry cost to $30 makes it easier for anybody to participate. Expanding the area allowed to fish outside the Santa Monica Bay, including other species and giving a weight credit for released halibut will also put less pressure on local halibut stocks and allow all anglers a strong chance at catching an eligible fish, according to the Anglers.

Sand Bass, Rock Fish, White Seabass and halibut will be eligible for trophies.

“These changes will make it simple for anybody to participate and everybody to have a legitimate chance of winning a trophy,” Marina del Rey Anglers President Bob Kissling said.

To register for this year’s Marina del Rey Halibut Derby, participants must sign up from 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 at Burton Chase Park, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey.

Proceeds from the halibut derbies have traditionally funded the Anglers’ Youth Fishing Program, its White Seabass Pens in Marina del Rey and various other critical marine environmental and conservation programs. welcomes new members and all donations.

Information,, or Kissling at (818) 991-3122.