Alongside GO Campaign, GO ambassadors Lily Collins and Robert Pattinson have announced that they are actively raising funds for direct relief to people throughout India during the worsening COVID-19 crisis.

GO Campaign launches initiative to provide assistance during the coronavirus crisis

By Kamala Kirk

The increasing number of COVID-19 cases in India have overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system and devastated its vulnerable population. The undeclared lockdown has also halted all production and economic activities in the country, leaving many people without a chance to earn income and on the verge of starvation.

Recently, GO Campaign alongside GO ambassadors Lily Collins, Ewan McGregor and Robert Pattinson has announced that they are in the midst of raising funds to provide direct relief to people in India during the current coronavirus crisis.

“India is facing a devastating second wave of COVID-19 and their healthcare system does not have enough resources to care for everybody,” Collins said. “They are in dire need of protective equipment, oxygen, medicine and food to save lives. I have such beautiful memories of my time in India and the country will always hold such a special place in my heart. Please join me and my friends at GO Campaign to bring immediate relief to families there today.”

Pattinson added, “Think of GO as a really meaningful investment fund – they take your dollars and invest them in children, in a diverse portfolio, for maximum results. And the common thread is those heroes, their proven track record, their commitment to serving children.”

Santa Monica resident Scott Fifer, who is the founder and CEO of GO Campaign, journeyed to India in February 2020, where he got to see many of his organization’s local heroes in action, giving opportunity to children and young adults in cities such as Mumbai and Lucknow, as well as in more rural areas outside of Jaipur, Kolkata and Rishikesh.

“GO Campaign was able to provide support to several of our partners in India during the first wave of the virus in 2020, as we had done with our partners across LA, New York, London and other hard hit areas,” Fifer said. “But when reports of this new wave of the virus came in 2021 and we realized India was suffering in a way unlike any other, we knew we had to launch a special appeal. We’ve already wired funds to one of our partners in Dharavi, one of Asia’s largest slums, and as soon as more donations come in, we will wire more funds to help feed and protect more children and families across India.”

The Covid Relief Fund will provide assistance by supplying PPE, medicine, oximeters, emergency food to families in need, daily health checks, homeschool for children and access to vaccinations. Fifer said that no donation amount is too small – the more funds they take in, the more they can send out.

“That dollar amount could be the difference between a family who gets food and PPE protection and a family who does not,” Fifer said. “In other words, it could mean life or death. And if someone can’t donate, it’s just as helpful to spread the word to others so more people can join our campaign.”

GO Campaign is a Santa Monica-based organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by partnering with local heroes to deliver location solutions. Over the past eight years, GO Campaign has partnered with various grassroots organizations such as Red Brigade, Dharavi Diary, and Bal Ashram Trust to provide support to India.

In 2020, the organization enlisted a new generation of young activists in Hollywood including Nikki Reed, Abigail Cowan and others to raise awareness for GO’s mission – both locally in Los Angeles and around the world. GO Campaign has set a goal of raising a quarter of a million dollars from small individual grassroots donors within the next two weeks.

“We’re very fortunate to live in beautiful Santa Monica, which has fared relatively well during the pandemic, and this is a great chance to give back to an equally beautiful place but one which is being ravaged by COVID far more than we ever were or could imagine,” Fifer shared. “India is a very spiritual country and the people there will not forget the kindness and support that you are showing to them now. They will keep you in their prayers and carry their gratitude with them always. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a child, mother, father, sister or brother whom you may never meet, but who will always remember you.”