The city of Santa Monica continues to show progress in a variety of sustainability efforts, according to the recently released 2010 Sustainable City Report Card.

Santa Monica officials said the city adopted the Sustainable City Plan, a challenging set of goals, 16 years ago to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the local economy, environment and quality of life. In order to track the progress in meeting the plan’s goals and to guide future actions, the city has developed two important tools: the Sustainable Progress Report, an up-to-date on-line database that provides comprehensive data analysis; and the Report Card, a summary of the data in easy-to-understand grades.

This year’s Report Card showed improvements in nearly every sustainability goal area and noted several successes over the past year, including reducing water demand and increasing solar capacity, city officials said.

Santa Monica’s sustainability efforts were among the first of their kind in the nation and have served as a model for a growing number of cities, academic institutions and businesses, officials said.

“We’re using the Report Card and Progress Report to guide our decision making,” said Shannon Parry, Sustainable City Program coordinator. “The successes highlighted in the Report Card show that Santa Monica is actively addressing the challenges to becoming a sustainable city. Each year we are planting the seeds of change that will ripen into a more sustainable community for current and future generations.”

Dean Kubani, director of the city’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment, added, “The Report Card shows that we are making progress toward becoming a sustainable city. It also identifies the challenges that we face in truly realizing our vision for a sustainable community.

“If we are to meet the aggressive goals set forth in the Sustainable City Plan, all members of the community need to be educated, involved and committed to our collective success.”