Santa Monica resident Susanne Trimbath has been invited to New York City to give the keynote address for the “2006 Securities Lending Conference: The Changing Business of Securities Lending” Monday, September 18th.

Trimbath has a doctorate degree and is the chief executive officer and chief economist at STP Advisory Services, LLC.

Her speech is titled “Why Investors and Issuers Hate Short Sellers and Stock Lending.”

She says securities lending has become one of the financial idustry’s hottest topics due to recent and increased scrutiny by Congress, the New York Stock Exchange and state regulators.

“This multi-billion dollar revenue stream once had a quiet existence as a backwater of the industry,” she says, “but recently has seen a flurry of activity involving Prime Brokers, lawsuits, upstart competitors and investors that actually own the stocks and bonds being lent out for shorting.”