Los Angeles Police Department Pacific division officers have arrested suspects they believe may be connected with some incidents in a series of Westchester residential burglaries last month.

Robbery detective Nina Serna of LAPD Pacific said approximately a dozen residential burglaries were reported in the Westchester community throughout August. The incidents occurred primarily in the area bounded by Centinela Avenue to the north, Manchester Avenue to the south, Sepulveda Boulevard to the west and the Inglewood border to the east, Serna said.

While there has been an increase in the number of residential burglaries reported, the frequency does not appear to be much more dramatic than that area has experienced over one month in the past, Serna said. The section of the community has had a rash of burglaries in the past due to its makeup of neighborhood streets, she said.

A variety of items were taken in the recent burglaries, including cash, jewelry and electronics, and most incidents occurred when the residents were not home, she said. No injuries were reported.

Serna attributed many calls to police regarding the burglaries to community members being more proactive with reporting. A number of residents are involved in Neighborhood Watch groups and are communicating more actively about the incidents, she said.

“The citizen involvement is making an impact,” she said.

Police have also stepped up patrol in the area, using undercover surveillance and operating a task force, which has helped lead to some arrests, Serna said.

Two suspects arrested August 9th may be connected with at least two of the burglaries, while two additional suspects arrested August 19th could be connected with two other incidents, Serna said.

Police are seeking the public’s help in locating any additional suspects. Residents are encouraged to lock their windows and doors and call police if they see any suspicious activity.