Coastal Cleanup Day, an international event that began in 1985, will take place at a variety of Westside locations Saturday, Sept. 17th, from 9 a.m. to noon.

And for the seventh consecutive year, the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission will host the only kayak cleanup site in Los Angeles County.

The kayak site is unique because the commission provides kayaks and small nets for volunteers to use in order to pick up debris that has already entered the ocean.

Michelle Kearney, the commission coordinator for Marina del Rey, said there will be approximately 60 cleanup locations this year, 20 more than in 2010. “What we’ve been finding is every year we tend to find less trash, which means these annual events are working,” she said.

California Coastal Cleanup Day is coordinated in Los Angeles County by Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay in conjunction with the California Coastal Commission and the Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors. Over 90 countries around the world take part in the beach and waterway cleanup, making it one of the largest volunteer efforts on the planet, according to Heal the Bay.

“The idea isn’t to necessarily pick up more trash: it’s growing awareness of marina debris, how it gets into the ocean and how we can change people’s behavior,” Kearney explained.

“There are statistics that say that 80 percent of trash that is found in the ocean is actually from land based sources,” she added. “So people inland from the beach who are littering in their neighborhoods and not putting trash and recyclables in the proper containers should know that will eventually flow down into the ocean through streams or wind.”

Kearney said the commission has been planning for the event since June.

Online registration for the Marina del Rey site is open Information, or email Kearney,, to sign up and find out more information.