The results from Political Action’s poll of Presidential candidates on the climate crisis were announced Wednesday, July 11th.

Candidates for the 2008 Presidential race were asked by members of MoveOn to give their positions on the global warming crisis during the Live Earth concert weekend. The contenders gave their answers via videotape, which were viewed in over 1,300 homes at nationwide “Parties for the Planet.”

Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina was the winner of Political Action’s poll. Of the field of eight Democratic hopefuls, Edwards received 33 percent of the total votes cast — more than twice the support of the next two candidates, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Senator Hillary Clinton, who each garnered 15.7 percent.

MoveOn members vote results:

Edwards 33.10 percent

Kucinich 15.73 percent

Clinton 15.71 percent

Barack Obama 15.03 percent

Bill Richardson 12.60 percent

Joe Biden 3.06 percent

Christopher Dodd 3.01 percent

“The enormous response we got from our members on this issue emphasizes how important it will be for our next president to make solving the climate crisis a top priority in 2008,” said Eli Pariser, executive director of Political Action. “MoveOn members want leaders who will take on the oil and coal industry and create a clean energy economy.”

“That’s probably why Senator Edwards’ support of cap and auction systems — which force polluters to pay citizens — and his call for more green-collar jobs received such strong backing,” added Ilyse Hogue, campaign director of Political Action.

The membership vote began immediately after the organization’s Saturday night Virtual Town Hall and concluded on Tuesday, at midnight PST. The Virtual Town Hall, at which the candidates answered members’ questions about climate change and global warming, coincided with the Live Earth concerts around the world.

MoveOn members who watched the town hall at one of the parties voted differently from those who did not.

There was a separate tabulation of votes by MoveOn members who attended house parties:

Edwards 25.53 percent

Richardson 20.19 percent

Kucinich 17.55 percent

Clinton 13.80 percent

Obama 10.18 percent

Biden 6.15 percent

Dodd 3.63 percent