Los Angeles Rams fans can catch a ride on fan shuttles provided by Rally to the team’s five remaining home games at SoFi Stadium. PHOTO Courtesy of Rally

Rally offers affordable bus rideshare to SoFi Stadium

By Kamala Kirk

Rally, a recommended transportation partner for the Los Angeles Rams, is providing crowdsourced fan shuttles to the team’s remaining five home games at SoFi Stadium from Santa Monica, downtown LA and Pico Rivera.

In Santa Monica, the route begins at 302 Colorado Avenue (Santa Monica Shopping Center). Rally partners with local bus companies in LA, Santa Monica and Pico Rivera to provide the vehicles for its routes. To book their trips to SoFi Stadium, Rams fans can select their game of interest on the Rally website or app, then reserve their spot on the ride. Riders can also add new crowdfunded Rally Point pickup/drop-off locations to a route, which will be confirmed based on rider demand.

Perks for fan riders offered by Rally include: food and beverages are allowed onboard; tailgating gear can be stored under the bus during the game while riders are in the stadium; buses are equipped with Wi-Fi and charging ports, an A/V system, a restroom, plush bucket seats and overhead bins; bus arrival time at the stadium is three hours before kickoff; buses will park in a special Rally area in the stadium’s on-site parking throughout the game; and Rally’s buses are cleaned according to CDC and local government guidelines.

“Rally is the most convenient way for Rams fans to get to SoFi Stadium,” said Numaan Akram, founder/CEO at Rally. “The reason we go to a game is to be with other fans, and Rally enhances this sense of community by extending the gameday experience with our flexible routes and comfortable buses. Also, each full Rally bus means that as many as 40 fewer cars will clog the highways. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Real-time updates for the status of Rally’s trips to SoFi Stadium and live bus locations are available on the Rally app.

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