A painting inspired by The Argonaut makes its debut in Santa Monica

The centerpiece of Charlie Patton’s solo show is a riff on an Argonaut story

The centerpiece of Charlie Patton’s solo show is a riff on an Argonaut story

It may be hard to recognize the beauty of newsprint in today’s digital world, but reading an article in The Argonaut inspired artist Charlie Patton to create something of his own out of paper and ink — a painting, now on view at restaurant and gallery space Upper West as part of a solo exhibition of his work.

“I liked the color and the look of the letters,” explained Patton, whose eyes were drawn to an Argonaut article about local street artists. “But the [underlying] idea was to celebrate artists in Venice/MDR…especially women artists.”

Patton used several different materials such as acrylic paint, pastels, house paint, collage, gold leaf and charcoal to create the work, which features a female figure amidst swirls of color, bright lettering and a newspaper clipping from The Argonaut.

Patton decided to place a strong female figure with a formidable stance at the center of work to depict confidence, suggest stability and show a grounded persona.

“The coloration of reds and orange are the color of passion and lust, and they are tempered with hints of cool gray and black, trapping the figure in a calm embrace,” said Patton.

It’s telling stories like this that inspires Patton to continue to create.

“The thing that motivates me to create art is similar to a writer telling a story,” said Patton. “I think paintings are basically stories. There is a fundamental human drive to tell stories and for people to relate to these stories. Stories ratify and teach pathways to remind us that life has pain and goodness, heroes and villains, good and evil and all human emotion.”

— Kathy Leonardo

“The Argonaut” will be part of a solo exhibition titled “Visceral,” which opens with a reception from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at Upper West, 3321 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. Call (310) 586-1111 or visit theupperwest.com