Roger Moliere will leave his position as deputy director of the County of Los Angeles Department of Beaches and Harbors Asset Management and Planning Bureau at the end of this month.

Moliere will become executive officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Real Estate Property Management and Development early next month.

An attorney from the private sector with a background in real estate development, he has been with the county for the past nine and a half years.

Moliere will be working with the MTA on the development of transportation corridors utilizing mixed-use development of housing, retail and other business opportunities centrally located to public transportation.

Providing public transportation access in conjunction with housing and business is more economical for individuals than lengthy daily commutes on already overcrowded roads, Moliere said.

Educating the public about planning for the future has been a primary focus of his position with the County Department of Beaches and Harbors, he said.

“Our group effort at County Beaches and Harbors has operated with an eye to the future and providing more open space, such as the planned enlargement of Burton Chace Park with one-third more park space,” Moliere said.

Moliere said that the proposed Mothers Beach Strategic Plan will provide more access to the public, with more than ample public parking available, and more open view corridors to the beach and water.

Parking will still be under county jurisdiction in the Marina, and the California Coastal Commission will still make decisions at the same level of responsible planning, he said.

“Change is scary and disruptive, and many people don’t realize that 25-foot boats are going the way of the dinosaurs,” said Moliere, making reference to those who protest the many changes in the Marina.

“We are charged with the responsibility of providing public access to the Marina harbor for ten million residents of the county, not just for the few who reside in the area,” Moliere said.