If asked for an example of the quintessential Venice musician, Christopher Hawley wouldn’t be far from the top of the list. The Venice resident fits the ideal of the progressive, independent, “green” artist producing good-time music.

“I like to hear music that moves my body and celebrates life,” Hawley says. “But I’m also influenced by a lot of progressive ideas like sustainability, alternate energy, alternate transportation; and I work the themes into some of my songs because I think it’s important and a way to raise people’s awareness.”

Hawley doesn’t fall far from the Venice mold, riding his bicycle as much as possible — “I only use my car when I have to haul gear or amps” — and this Connecticut native likes to think that Venice could be a model for change.

“Los Angeles could be this huge example for the world if it were just a little more bike-friendly, just because the weather is perfect,” he says. “Venice is an oasis in the wasteland of corporate mass media in L.A., and it would be so easy to influence a lot of other places and people through what goes on here in Venice.”

Hawley doesn’t just use his music to spread messages, though. There are plenty of rock-and-roll-influenced songs in his repertoire.

“My music is good-time music, and a lot of the songs have conscious undertones, but there are the good-time fun songs about girls and rock-and-roll,” he says. “But I think people connect with the themes especially here, where freedom of thought and expression is everywhere.

“Everyone’s celebrating being themselves here.”

The Christopher Hawley Rollers are an example of how the Venice community inspires creativity.

“The band is a collective of local Venice musicians,” Hawley says. “There’s a few different people involved, but we’re all friends and we’ve all played our instruments for years.

“Each person brings something really cool to their performance, something different every time.”

The Christopher Hawley Rollers will be playing a New Year’s Eve show at the Cock N Bull Pub, and even this show was planned to fit in with Hawley’s message.

“We agreed to do this show because it’s a great place people can ride their bikes to,” Hawley says. “You don’t have to deal with traffic, or have a crazy, intricate plan for New Year’s. It’s safer, and you get to see a lot of the community at this show.”

There also will be a $1 champagne toast at midnight to celebrate the new year, Hawley says.

Admission is $5 pre-sale, $10 at the door. To order tickets in advance, or chrollers@gmail.com.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Monday, December 31st, at the Cock N Bull Pub, 2947 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica.

Information, www.christopher hawley.com/.