Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl has developed what he calls a new user-friendly and interactive Web site: www.councilmanrosendahl.com

“Since I took office, we have had a basic shell of a Web site,” Rosendahl said. “Our new Web site has a whole lot more.”

A “Hot Topics” section will be updated, he said, to bring constituents consistently updated information and content from Council District 11 and the City of Los Angeles.

An on-line journal, or blog, is being written by Rosendahl that features issues coming before the Los Angeles City Council or before one of his committees meets. The blog also includes links to news articles that Rosendahl finds interesting.

Members of his staff will also occasionally post information on the blog about projects and issues they are working on.

A link to obtain service request forms is included, for requesting that a pothole be filled or trees trimmed, or for other city services.

There are also links to an on-line guide for all city services, an on-line library of Rosendahl’s motions, resolutions and other City Council actions, and the Channel 35 Web portal to watch City Council and commission meetings.

In addition to town hall forums held at various locations throughout District 11, Rosendahl has also set up a “Virtual Town Hall” where people with conflicting opinions can discuss issues in a live on-line forum.

The issues section has been expanded to give residents a more detailed look at Rosendahl’s platform and accomplishments since taking office.

A subscription management tool on the Web site allows people to choose to receive e-mail from Rosendahl’s office about specific issues instead of getting e-mail on every topic.