Los Angeles City Council District 11 candidate Bill Rosendahl has unveiled a set of proposals to combat traffic in Los Angeles.

Rosendahl made public his transportation platform at a rush-hour rally at the heavily congested intersection of Venice Boulevard and Centinela Avenue. His proposals were published in a six-page pamphlet — “Traffic: We Have Had Enough.”

“We have had enough with sitting for hours at a time on gridlocked streets and freeways,” Rosendahl said. “We have had enough with long commutes keeping us away from family and friends.

“We have had enough with the choking taste of air pollution.”

Rosendahl said traffic is “one of the greatest public policy failures of the last half century.”

He pledged that, if he is elected, traffic would top his list of priorities.

Rosendahl’s proposals ranged from measures that can be taken to improve traffic in neighborhoods to major projects to construct a new network of mass transit.

The proposals were made at a campaign kickoff rally.

Some of the highlights of the proposal include:

– adding more left-turn lanes with adjusted traffic lights, allowing more cars to turn left at congested intersections;

– improving and enhancing signal timing/synchronization, allowing traffic to flow more smoothly;

– making it easier to bike and walk along major streets;

– extending the Green Line into LAX;

– completing light rail along Exposition Boulevard to the beach;

– constructing a north-south light rail line along Lincoln Boulevard; and

– completing improvements to the 405 and 101 freeways.

Rosendahl is running for the 11th District City Council seat, which is being vacated by Councilmember Cindy Miscikowski.

The election is Tuesday, March 8th.