Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl is calling for the City of Los Angeles to conduct a study to explore the economic potential of Century Boulevard in Westchester.

Rosendahl submitted a motion to City Council Friday, February 17th, for city officials to conduct the study of the area surrounding Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

“The Century Boulevard corridor is rich with opportunity,” Rosendahl said. “In addition to serving as the gateway to Los Angeles, it can also serve as a major economic engine for our city, providing millions in revenue to fund essential city services.”

Rosendahl said that Century Boulevard contains the largest concentration of hotel rooms in Los Angeles.

While occupancy rates are high, room rates remain low compared to other parts of the region because the area lacks amenities such as a conference center or local restaurants, Rosendahl said.

Higher room rates would bring in more city revenues from the “bed tax” applied to hotel bills.

“If we revitalize the Century corridor and make room rates more competitive, that is more money we can spend to hire more police officers, pave our streets, and reduce traffic,” Rosendahl said.

His motion specifically asks LA Incorporated, the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, LAX hotels, and local civic leadership to look at ways to make the area more economically attractive.

The motion specifically mentions the idea of a conference center, which local hotels claim could serve as a magnet to draw business conferences and corporate meetings to Los Angeles.

Rosendahl’s motion also directed the Bureau of Street Services to investigate the potential for street beautification projects in the area.

“We must put a fresh face on the gateway to our city,” Rosendahl said.

He said the Street Services report would assess the city’s ability to repave the streets, repair the sidewalks, replace old and dilapidated street furniture, and provide landscaping and median enhancements to the Century Boul- evard corridor.

The motion was referred to two City Council committees — the Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee, on which Rosendahl serves as vice chair, and the Public Works Committee, which Rosendahl chairs.