The Adult Day Service Center of WISE & Healthy Aging of Santa Monica has received a $10,000 grant from the Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation for the installation of an amplified sound system and 60-inch high definition television.

Grace Cheng Braun, president and CEO of WISE & Healthy Aging, said the grant has helped the social service organization vastly improves the programming that it provides clients.

Many of the clients spend the day at WISE Adult Day Service Center while their children or caregivers are at work. Some of them have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or need physical assistance to manage daily activities, Cheng Braun said.

“They enjoy watching movies and sports on TV and can see images much clearer than the old analog system,” the WISE president said of the improved programming.

In addition to the new TV, the Santa Monica Rotary Club Foundation grant provided six new computers to replace old computers at the service center, some of which were 10 years old, a spokesperson at WISE said.

The activities at the center help keep the clients engaged and their minds more alert while enjoying the company of others around them, the spokesperson said.

“Watching TV or a DVD movie is a relaxing ending to a long day as the clients await their ride home,” said Frankie Aggers, director of Adult Day Services. “They’ve had a full day here with activities, snacks and lunch. Now they’re more likely to enjoy a calm evening at home.”

Information on WISE & Healthy Aging, (310) 394-9871.