Longtime Westchester resident Ruth Mohr celebrated her 106th birthday at her home Saturday, March 21st.

Family and friends came to share the special day with the woman who has witnessed more than a century of American life, saying they value her many accomplishments, strong spirit and unique perspective.

Mohr was born in Dow City, Iowa in 1903. Her son Ed noted how at that time, a first class stamp cost two cents, the average worker made $12.98 per week for 59 hours, there were only 8,000 cars in America and the first cross-country road trip took 52 days.

Mohr moved to Westchester in 1954 with her husband Ted. The couple moved through a few cities, Oshkosh, Chicago and Minneapolis, before settling in Southern California. Ruth and Ted attended Westchester Methodist Church for many years, and she was very active in the Womenís Circle.

Mohr was also very active in the Garden Club and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her husband passed away 46 years ago and she said he is greatly missed.

Ed Mohr and his wife Margaret celebrated Ruthís birthday, along with their two sons, Greg and Mark. Gregís wife, Elisa, Ruthís two great granddaughters Cassandra and Isabella, and Markís wife Avion were also part of the celebration.

Both of Ruthís grandsons say they are amazed at her ability to endure through various health traumas, and to continue being so ìmentally sharp.î They add that they are grateful for all of the knowledge their grandmother has passed on to them. Her stories have taught them about U.S. history and culture, and they say her travels have given her a unique global perspective.