Los Angeles County Public Works officials are reminding owners and operators of recreational vehicles (RVs) not to dump their sewage waste on streets, parking lots or county campsites.

Public Works Director Gail Farber said the emptying of RV sewage tanks in public is something nobody wants in their neighborhoods. The statement comes after the dumping of raw sewage onto Venice streets last month was allegedly connected to a person living in an RV.

“With more than 20 permitted waste disposal sites located throughout Los Angeles County alone there is no excuse for this practice,” said Farber. “The bacteria from sewage waste can eventually pollute our waters, posing a threat not only to our environment, but also to the health of residents as well as marine life,” the director added.

The improper dumping of RV sewage waste is illegal and punishable by fines of up to $1,000 and six months in jail, county officials note.

The local approved waste disposal site is at the SAFE Hyperion Treatment Plant, 7660 Imperial Highway, Playa del Rey.

Waste disposal sites are also available in most vacation destination communities.

A list of approved disposal sites is available on the county’s environmental resources Web site, www.CleanLA.com/.

RV owners and operators are advised to call the selected site first to confirm its fees and availability.