Special Enforcement Week and Safety Seat Checkup Week by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) West Traffic Division, Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County and SafetyBeltSafe USA are continuing through Saturday, April 9th.

Law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles County are making “a special effort” to watch for children under 16 years old in vehicles who are not properly restrained and to educate the responsible parents or drivers with an appropriate citation, West Traffic Division officials said.

Car crashes are the most preventable cause of death to children and young adults, as well as a major cause of permanent brain damage, epilepsy, and spinal cord injuries, the traffic officials added.

More than 80 percent of the children less than four years of age killed by traffic collisions since 1990 could have survived the crashes had they been properly secured in the vehicle, California Highway Patrol officers say.

A Safety Seat Checkup Week is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th, through Saturday, April 16th.

During past checkup programs, approximately 95 percent of safety seats examined were being misused, including unsafe and recalled seats.

The goals of this non-enforcement educational event are to help the families who attend the event and to increase public awareness of the issue, traffic officials said.

Information, LAPD Traffic Officer Pat Beighley, LAPD West Traffic Division, (213) 473-0215.

For questions and answers regarding child safety seats or seat belts, (800) 745-SAFE for English or (800) 745-SANO for Spanish or www.carseat.org