Seventh-grader Erik Godlewski of Saint Anastasia Catholic School in Playa del Rey won first place in the California State Science Fair at the California Science Center in Los Angeles May 3.

Godlewski took home the top prize in his division with a project to determine which paper towel brands are strongest, and which are most absorbent.

The student’s project found that the best performers were Bounty and Brawny. For strength, the project found that the store brand Thirsty was almost as good, and for absorbency, the brand Viva performed well.

The Saint Anastasia student earned a berth in the California State Science Fair after winningthe third place medal in his category at the Los Angeles County Regional Science Fair on April 15.

“Every year we hold our own science fair which gives the students the opportunity to take their projects to the next level. We are all so proud of Erik and all the participants. I will never look at paper towels the same again,” Saint Anastasia Principal Rosemary Connolly said.