Saint Anne School in Santa Monica has been selected by Seton Education Partners as one of two sites to expand the Phaedrus Blended Learning Initiative, making Saint Anne the first Catholic school in Los
Angeles to fully implement the program.
Founded in 2009, Seton Education Partners is a New York-based nonprofit education consultancy that works to provide traditionally underserved students an opportunity to receive a high quality Catholic education that builds knowledge, character, and faith.
The Phaedrus blended learning program was launched in 2011 at Mission Dolores Academy in San Francisco and combines computer-based instruction with traditional classroom learning.
Seton’s programs are tailored to each student, based on his/her learning style, interests and abilities using a mixture of small group instruction and adaptive, computer-based learning.
Schools participating in the Phaedrus initiative have a longer school day and a longer school year.
Saint Anne School and The DePaul Catholic School in Philadelphia were selected by Seton after a national search. Selection criteria included strength of school leadership,
caliber of faculty, room for enrollment growth and strong school culture, a Seton spokesperson said.  Michael Browning serves as principal of the K-8 Catholic school.
“I am eager to see Seton Education Partner’s Phaedrus initiative implemented in Los
Angeles Catholic elementary schools,” said Dr. Kevin Baxter, superintendent of Catholic
elementary schools for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
“I am confident that the launch of blended learning will be a success and one we hope can be replicated with other Catholic schools in the Archdiocese. This program has the potential to attract more families to our strong network of Catholic elementary schools and to strengthen the rich resource that is our Catholic school system.”
Seton Managing Director Stephanie Saroki de García, added, “We are especially excited to work with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. In part because of the leadership of Archbishop Gomez, who has a clear heart for the poor and sees the importance of Catholic education, and in part because of the large Latino community here, as Latinos represent an important and growing part of our great nation, and so many of them are in need of better educational options.”
According to Seton, the Phaedrus initiative blends direct instruction from a teacher, collaborative learning among students, and individualized learning on computers or laptops.
Class periods consist of two to three 25-30 minute rotations, with the class splitting time between small-group instruction and computer or project-based learning.
Saint Anne School plans to employ a 2:1 student to device ratio in grades kindergarten through fifth with a 1:1 device ratio in grades sixth through eighth, school officials said.
With the launch of blended learning, Saint Anne School projects a 10 percent enrollment increase to 240 students for 2013, and anticipates reaching full enrollment by fall 2014, school officials said.