A rebroadcast of a Jimmy Kimmel Live episode on a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus is scheduled to air at 12:05 a.m. Tuesday, June 12th, on ABC.

During the show, Kimmel and his band board a 40-foot Big Blue Bus as it travels along its regular route in Santa Monica.

Along the way, Kimmel welcomes celebrity guests and a musical act aboard, while also picking up unsuspecting regular pas- sengers at city bus stops, according to Big Blue Bus.

The front of the bus serves as Kimmel’s “studio,” where he interviews guests Paula Abdul, rapper and reality-show star Flavor Flav and recording artist Feist. He does the interviews from a specially-rigged desk while his house band plays from the back seats.

Regular Big Blue Bus passengers who appear during the show include a student from Santa Monica College who is studying with the goal of being a heart surgeon and who also serves as Kimmel’s assistant during the show, as well as a young couple out on their first date, according to Big Blue Bus.

Also featured on the show is veteran Big Blue Bus driver Erskins Robinson, who serves as the evening’s motor coach operator.

Big Blue Bus General Manager Stephanie Negriff said everyone involved with the program was happy to be a part it.

“I think Jimmy Kimmel showed people that riding a bus can be a lot of fun,” said Negriff.