The Santa Monica College board of trustees voted unanimously Wednesday, May 31st, to approve an agreement to operate summer school at Compton College.

The move allows Compton College to continue to serve students for two sessions from Tuesday, June 13th, through Tuesday, August 22nd.

Compton College faces possible closure if an appeal hearing upholds an accrediting commission’s decision to terminate the college’s accreditation.

Santa Monica College’s action also gives Compton College time to find a long-term community college partner to provide classes this fall.

“It is tremendously fulfilling for us to partner with this historic college at this critical time so that it can continue to provide education to its community,” said Santa Monica College president Chui Tsang.

“Here we have a community college that is going to die if we don’t help them,” said trustee Herb Roney.

The board of trustees decision came after weeks of review and discussions by the faculty and administration at both colleges.

The decision also came after several Compton College students and professors made a plea to Santa Monica College trustees to allow their campus to remain open.

“We really need the help,” said Hilda Gaytan, president of the Compton College Associated Student Body.

“We want to keep the college open. I’m almost 50 and I got my second chance there at Compton.”

Compton College’s accreditation was revoked last year by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges after it found the college had been plagued for years by dysfunctional management.

Provisions of the Santa Monica College agreement with Compton College include:

n Santa Monica College will be responsible for all aspects of Compton College’s instructional program while Compton will continue to provide admissions, registration, financial aid, and other support services.

n Santa Monica College will issue offers of employment to Compton College professors teaching in the summer session, but the Compton faculty members will not become employees of Santa Monica College and will be compensated according to the current Compton pay schedule.

n Santa Monica College will receive the state funding allocation, made on a full-time student equivalent basis, generated by the two summer sessions’ enrollments.

n Santa Monica College will compensate Compton College for the cost of summer session faculty salaries, for instructional support expenses, and for the license for the use of facilities at Compton.