Santa Monica College (SMC) facilities have won five state and regional design awards, including three for the Theatre Arts Building.

“These honors are wonderful and demonstrate the care we take in working with architects to create facilities that are not only beautiful, but functional and frequently environmentally sensitive,” said Greg Brown, director of facilities planning.

Two of the awards were given by California Construction magazine.

“The California Construction magazine awards are one of the most prestigious awards for the state construction industry, and it is very unusual for a single organization to win more than one award,” Brown said.

The $17 million Theatre Arts Building, which opened in fall last year and is located on SMC’s main campus, won:

The California Construction Magazine McGraw Hill Construction Award for Best Performing Arts;

The Southern California Development Forum’s 17th Annual Design Awards for Best Design; and

The Award of Honor from Real Estate Construction Review for Top Projects in Southern California.

In addition, the SMC Performing Arts Center (formerly The Madison Project) won the California Construction Magazine McGraw Hill Construction Award for Best Higher Education, and the Bundy Campus won an Award of Merit in the 2007 Professional Design Awards from the Community College Facility Coalition and California Community College Systems Office.

The 20,000-square-foot theater complex features a 264-seat theater with full backstage capabilities, a “black box” performance space, lobby, shop, dressing rooms, classrooms and of- fices.

The design of the building’s exterior is distinguished by an origami-like, angular roof that soars over the lobby and outdoor balcony.

This is the second award this year for the SMC Performing Arts Center, designed by Renzo Zecchetto Architects of Santa Monica. In June, the Los Angeles Business Council honored the project with a Los Angeles Architectural Award for Outstanding Architecture.

The $42-million state-of-the-art center consists of The Stage, a 499-seat performing arts hall currently under construction and scheduled to open next year, and Second Space, a black box rehearsal/performance space that opened in August.

The 52,000-square-foot building includes more than 2,000 square feet of rehearsal rooms, four dressing rooms and a class and performance practice room. An orchestra lift, two lighting bridges and a full-fly space were also installed. The facility is located on Santa Monica Boulevard between Tenth and 11th streets.

The Bundy campus, which SMC officials said involved a dramatic renovation of a 1980 four-story structure that had been the corporate office for defense contractor BAE Systems, opened in 2005.

The 64,000-square-foot facility currently houses the nursing program, education department, continuing and community education, as well as a number of general-education courses. It is located on Bundy Drive just south of Airport Avenue.