For the 18th consecutive year, Santa Monica College (SMC) was the number-one transfer institution of students to the University of California (UC) system in 2007-08.

SMC was also the leader in transfers to the UC-CSU (California State University) systems combined, as well as the number-one transfer school for Latinos and African Americans to the UC system, college officials said.

The college was also the leading transfer institution to the University of Southern California, sending a record number of students to the private university.

In 2007-08 SMC sent 932 students to UC campuses, well above the number two and three transfer schools, with 608 and 586, respectively.

“We’re doing a good job of bringing good students here, and they get the classes and counseling they need to transfer,” said Dan Nannini, SMC Transfer Center coordinator. “And we’re constantly looking for ways to get students the information and help they need to move on to a four-year university.”

Among the other student transfer figures for SMC this year are that the college totaled 118 transfers of Latinos, tying with Riverside College. Transfers of SMC African American students to UC totaled 33, nine more than the second highest campus, Riverside.

The combined number of UC-CSU transfers totaled 2,111, making SMC the top school for transfers, college officials said. The number of transfers to the University of Southern California (USC) increased to 205 from 146 last year.

UCLA continues to be the most popular destination for SMC students, with more than half of the UC transfers, 541, going to the Westwood campus. UC Berkeley, San Diego and Irvine, respectively, were the next most popular destinations in 2007-08.

Nannini attributed SMC’s strong transfer record to factors such as recruiting good students, providing academic counseling to students to help make them appealing candidates to admissions offices, and quality professors.

Nannini also pointed out that the college’s Transfer Center hosts one of the largest college fairs in the state, as representatives from 110 colleges and universities throughout the nation came to the SMC Transfer Fair to recruit students this fall.

The Transfer Center conducts workshops, holds weekly visits from four-year institutions, and has a close working relationship with UC and CSU to make sure SMC students get credit for their classes, an SMC spokesperson said.