Santa Monica College (SMC) transferred a historically high number of students to the University of California (UC) system in 2006-07, maintaining its number one position in transfers for the 17th consecutive year.

It was also the leader in transfers to the UC-California State University systems combined, as well as the number one transfer school for African Americans and Chicanos/Latinos to the UC system.

The college sent 981 students to UC campuses in 2006-07, the largest number ever transferred and 8.6 percent more than the 903 transferred the previous year.

It far outpaced other schools, with the number-two feeder with 610, and the third-ranked college with 582.

“These are incredible stats,” said Dan Nannini, the college’s Transfer Center coordinator. “Truly, this accomplishment is a team effort.

“Advertising, outreach and international recruiting bring great students in. Admitting and enrolling students expeditiously and efficiently is critical.

“Counseling them into the right classes to make students not just eligible, but also admissible, is so, so important. And our faculty not only teaches but encourages students to reach their goals and dreams.”

Nannini also pointed out that the Transfer Center is aggressive in its mission, conducting numerous workshops, hosting one of the largest college fairs in the state, holding weekly visits from four-year institutions and maintaining a close working relationship with the University of California and California State University to make sure SMC students get credit for their classes.

In addition, at SMC:

– Transfers of African Americans to UC totaled 39, compared to the next highest, 27, by Riverside College.

– Transfers of Chicanos/Latinos to UC totaled 106, followed by Riverside College with 91.

– Combined UC-CSU transfers totaled 2,102, keeping SMC in the number one spot, ahead of 1,826 total sent by the number- two feeder college.

– The transfer figure to the University of Southern California for fall 2006 was 146, more than double the 60 sent by the number-two feeder. SMC has long been the leader in transfers to the private university.

– Transfer to schools throughout the United States continues to be strong, with SMC students going to such campuses as Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Juilliard, and Howard University, a historically black college.

UCLA continues to be the most popular destination for SMC students, with more than half of the UC transfers — 596 — going to the Westwood campus. Berkeley, Irvine, and San Diego are the next most popular destinations, in that order.