Santa Monica City Councilwoman Pam O’Connor

, the immediate past president of the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), received the Public Sector Leader of the Year Award at the 11th Annual Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit.
O’Connor was recognized for her leadership as the 2011-12 president of SCAG’s Regional Council. SCAG is considered the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization, representing more than 18 million residents.
During her tenure the agency unanimously approved the 2012-2035 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy.
The long-range transportation and housing plan will invest $525 billion over nearly two and a half decades, creating approximately 500,000 jobs per year and improving the quality of life for Californians, according to SCAG.
“It was a great honor and pleasure to work with my fellow board members as we came together as a region, representing 18 million people, to pass our first ever transportation plan that incorporates a sustainable communities strategy,” said O’Connor, a former Santa Monica mayor.
“This plan not only meets the legal requirements of Senate Bill 375, but it looks forward by planning for a 21st century global Southern California with investments in the infrastructure that will make business more competitive while enhancing a healthy quality of life.”
Glen Becerra, president of the SCAG board, said, “I would like to express my sincere admiration and congratulations to my fellow board member and colleague, Pam O’Connor, for her leadership as president and friendship as a fellow Southern California City Council member.
“Pam’s decades of experience was evident as she excelled at providing strong direction but with a respect and appreciation for the diversified interests in our region as we came together to construct a plan that improves the lives for all in our region.”
The 11th Annual Mobility 21 Southern California Transportation Summit focused on bringing together elected officials, transportation, business, labor and community leaders to develop solutions to transportation issues facing Southern California.