After nearly two years of dispatching services being delivered by the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Santa Monica Fire Department’s (SMFD) Fire Communications Center was reactivated Tuesday, December 8th.

In early 2007 the SMFD merged its dispatch operations with the LAFD Regional Dispatch System. But an independent comparative study and evaluation has determined that reactivating the Santa Monica Fire Communications Center would provide services more in line with the expectations from the Santa Monica Fire Department and the community, fire officials said.

The reactivated dispatch center will allow SMFD to take advantage of significant technological advances, including an updated Computer Aided Dispatch system, an Automatic Vehicle Location system and rapid availability of digital Geographic Information Services, fire officials said.

This increased technology will provide a higher level of safety and service to the public and for fire department personnel, officials said.

The reactivation of the Fire Communications Center will not require community members to change the way they request fire department resources to respond to an emergency.

The public will continue to dial 911, and as a convenience to the public, the non-emergency phone numbers previously in use are still in operation and will be posted on local Web sites.