For the third year in a row, the Santa Monica Public Library has earned top marks from Library Journal’s national rating of public libraries – the only Southern California library to earn the prestigious five-star rating.
The Library Journal Index of Public Library Service 2012 ratings are based on 2010 data from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
The index ranked 7,570 public libraries based on the level of service they provide by evaluating per capita circulation, visits, program attendance and public Internet computer use. A total of 262 public libraries earned three, four, or the highest, five-star rating.
The journal’s rating aims to offer an overall indication of how a library’s performance compares to peer libraries as well as provide guidance on how public libraries can better inform their stakeholders of achievements, service opportunities, and improve library awareness and funding.
“The Santa Monica Public Library is an excellent starting place for whatever you want to do or be. Thousands visit every day to accelerate their job search, explore new business ideas, stimulate their imagination or build new connections,” says City Librarian Greg Mullen.
The Santa Monica Public Library system includes four neighborhood library locations.