The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District board of education agreed to reward superintendent John Deasy with a performance bonus that amounts to 3.75 percent of his base salary for the 2003-2004 school year.

Board members met in closed session Thursday, October 21st, to evaluate Deasy and decided at a public meeting Thursday, November 4th, that he “substantially achieved” a success level in three of four target areas for the past school year.

The four target areas Deasy worked on last year, in addition to regular superintendent duties, included:

n evaluating academic intervention programs;

n supporting Santa Monica High School redesign that involved dividing the large high school into six school houses;

n building capacity of central office leadership by hiring and developing the skills of administrators; and

n establishing text-based investigation groups for district programs and policies.

Board members determined that Deasy “partially achieved” success on the first target area and “substantially achieved” success on the last three target areas for a combined 3.75 percent bonus.

The criteria board members use for determining the superintendent’s success is no bonus for “partially achieved,” a 1.25 percent bonus for “substantially achieved,” and a maximum bonus of 2.5 percent for “completely achieved” in each target area.

Board members choose the target areas for the superintendent to work on each year.

Board vice president Emily Bloomfield and board member Julia Brownley said the board of education is “extremely pleased” with Deasy’s work every year as superintendent.

Performance targets for the current 2004-2005 school year include:

n improving and providing intensive oversight of the Special Education program, systems, and operations;

n guiding and intensifying the effort to bring focus, support, and improvement to the teaching and learning at John Adams Middle School; and

n developing more academic intervention programs and plans for district youths in middle and high school grades.