improve academic performance index scores


The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District has increased its Academic Performance Index (API) scores by 12 points this year to 792.

This year”s scores are for the 2003-2004 academic year and last year”s scores are for the 2002-2003 academic year.

The API was established by the California State Legislature in 1999. The index summarizes a school district”s performance by calculating various state-mandated assessment test scores.

ìThe results demonstrate that the students of the district are well served by teachers and administrators who are absolutely committed to the improvement of achievement for all students,î said district superintendent John Deasy.

Scores from California Standards Tests in English Language Arts, California Achievement Tests Sixth Edition and the California High School Exit Exam are rolled into a single API score on a 200 to 1,000 point scale.

All participating schools in the district have API scores higher than 700.

Nine schools scored higher than 800, which is the state”s target score for all schools.

Point Dume Elementary School in Malibu had a score of 912, the highest API score in the district.

Santa Monica Alternative School House, a multi-level school for kindergarten through eighth-grade students, and Olympic High School, a continuation school, are not required to participate in the API rankings.

The scores for all schools in Los Angeles County averaged 676 this year compared to 663 last year.

Schools throughout the state averaged 693 this year and 683 last year.

ìThe long-term trend indicates steady and outstanding growth,î Deasy said.

ìMoreover, the district looks forward to each additional piece of data we receive from the state, as it helps us refine our efforts to help all students achieve at high levels.î