Schools start Wednesday, September 6th, in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD).

The district has 16 schools; four of them are in Malibu.

Here is a review of Santa Monica public schools:


n Edison Language Academy Charter School, 2425 Kansas Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-0335.

Lori Orum is the principal and the projected enrollment is slightly over 400 students.

Edison is a dual immersion school where students learn both English and Spanish.

The school is getting a new cafeteria courtyard, which should be completed by the time school starts. Students will be able to eat outside in the courtyard.

Edison also has a new first-grade teacher.

n Franklin Elementary School, 2400 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-2814.

Tara Brown is the new principal and the projected enrollment is 820 students.

The school is putting an emphasis on technology this year.

It received a grant from Apple Computers, including 50 new computers, and is also receiving staff development training/workshops from Apple Computers.

The school is also investigating various software programs that focus on individualized education for each student.

n Grant Elementary School, 2368 Pearl St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 450-7651.

Alan Friedenberg is the principal. The projected enrollment is 670 students; with preschool included, it is approximately 725.

The school is part of a grant called Enhance Education Through Technology (EETT) and has had major upgrades in technology as a result. Fourth- and fifth-grade classes now have LCD projectors, SMART Boards — interactive whiteboards — and a new math program called River Deep.

There’s also a new wireless mobile computer lab. The old computer lab is now a reading lab and there is an additional reading teacher this year. Additional music teachers have also been hired.

A new art program has also been added this year. An art teacher will teach art workshops to second-through-fifth-graders five times a year.

Toilets now have automatic flushers, and electric hand dryers were installed in the bathrooms. The school received a new copy machine and new whiteboards were also installed to replace chalkboards in most classrooms.

A new mural is being painted in the auditorium, called “100 Years of Learning.” Last year, Grant celebrated its 100th birthday and the mural will show the school’s history.

n John Muir Elementary School, 2526 Sixth St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 399-7721.

Martha Duran-Contreras is the principal and the projected enrollment is 340 students.

The school’s new Media Center (library) is almost complete, with new paint, new carpet, new shelving and $10,000 worth of new books from Access Books. John Muir shares the library with Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH).

n McKinley Elementary School, 2401 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-5011.

Irene Gonzalez is the principal and the projected enrollment is 400 students.

The campus is going through a “beautification” process. Murals are being added to the school’s handball courts, the school is adding SMART Boards to fourth- and fifth-grade classes and the bathrooms have been newly painted.

n Roosevelt Elementary School, 801 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 395-0941.

Jerry Harris is the principal of the school and this will be his 25th year at Roosevelt. The projected enrollment is 760 students.

This year, the school is implementing a new spelling program for the students called The Sitton Spelling Program.

n Will Rogers Learning Community, 2401 14th St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 452-2364.

Irma Lyons is the principal and the projected enrollment is 560 students.

The school will start working with Megan Franke, a professor and director of Center X at UCLA, for improving math and science. Math is Franke’s specialty and she will work with Will Rogers teachers and students.

Also, as a result of an Enhance Education Through Technology (EETT) grant, fourth- and fifth- graders will have access to SMART Boards. Fifth-graders will also have access to a new mobile computer lab, with 20 new iBook computers.

The school is also piloting a new reading technology program called Lexia, which helps individualize reading programs for each student so that they can guide their own growth in reading.


n John Adams Middle School, 2425 16th St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 452-2326.

Martha Shaw is the new principal and the projected enrollment is 1,150 students.

John Adams teachers are continuing to collaborate to meet the diverse needs of the school population, Shaw said. Teachers and staff are also looking at improving instruction and instructional design.

n Lincoln Middle School, 1501 California Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 393-9227.

Tristan Komlos is the new principal and the projected enrollment is 1,200 students.

Komlos will soon take a two month maternity leave.

While Komlos is out, Carl Hobkirk, assistant principal, will be the interim principal. Komlos should be back just before Thanksgiving.

The school also has five new teachers — a physical education teacher, a math teacher, a humanities teacher, a special education math teacher and a new choir director.


n Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH), 2525 Fifth St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 396-2640.

Carrie Ferguson is the principal and the projected enrollment is 200 students.

SMASH enrolls all types of students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

The school’s new Media Center (library) is almost complete, with new paint, new carpet, new shelving and $10,000 worth of new books from Access Books. SMASH shares a library with John Muir Elementary School.


n Olympic High School, 721 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 392-2494.

Janie Gates is the principal and the projected enrollment is 140 students.

The school is adding a film class that will be taught by a staff member, a local film producer and a Santa Monica police officer. Students will learn to conceive an idea, do research, write a screenplay, make a storyboard, film, edit and add a soundtrack to their film.

The school is also adding a drumming class that is being taught by a new teacher.

Olympic is a continuation high school.

n Santa Monica High School, 601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 395-3204.

Hugo Pedroza is the new principal and the projected enrollment is 3,000 to 3,500 students.

In addition to Pedroza coming on board as principal of Samohi, Becky Romano is joining the staff as “M” House principal. The “M” House is one of six “houses” — smaller learning communities — that each have their own principal.