The Santa Monica Museum of Art commemorates twenty years of creative accomplishment this year. From its original focus on art activism to today’s emphasis on global consideration, the Museum has adapted to suit the changing art landscape both locally and globally.

“In the past 20 years the museum has had a very major program that has shifted according to the way the art world has shifted,” says Elsa Longhauser, executive director of the Museum. “When (founding director) Tom Rhoads was the director, the museum focused a lot on art activism that was politically and socially oriented, and focused on local artists who needed to have a voice.”

Since Rhoads’ directorship, Longhauser has had many exhibitions that she describes as, “courageous, experimental, and risk-taking.”

“The Museum intends to continue to function as a seismograph for the important and current ideas that influence and inform our lives,” she says.

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