Motorists who spend time driving around the block looking for a parking space in Santa Monica could soon find it to be a thing of the past with the release of the Santa Monica Parking app for iPhone.
Santa Monica Parking – Powered by ParkMe provides real-time parking information for the city’s 28 lots, 12 structures, and 5,967 on-street metered parking spaces.
iPhone users can download the app for free via the Apple App Store by using the search string “Santa Monica Parking.” An Android version will be available in the coming months.
Users can customize their parking options based on price, total time required for parking and distance, said a city spokesperson. These options can be changed at any time.
“We have a lot of parking available in Santa Monica and this app makes it easier than ever to find parking,” said Assistant Finance Director Don Patterson. “During the holiday season we know that time gets tight for people and parking can get tight in Santa Monica as well. Our hope is that people will use the app to find parking in a tech-friendly and time-efficient way so that they have more time to do their shopping and celebrate the holidays.”
The technology works by leveraging existing infrastructure already in use by the city’s recently deployed smart parking meters.
City officials have determined that the added ability to show real-time availability of on-street metered spaces is an added bonus for those looking for parking.
“Santa Monica Parking is the latest city service geared towards mobile users. We’re always interested in finding new ways to use technology to provide the public with the information and services they need,” explained Chief Information Officer Jory Wolf.