The Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport has announced the arrival of its newest attraction, a 3D virtual reality flight simulator.
The MaxFlight high definition FS3000 first became available to museum visitors Dec. 7.
Featuring a 360-degree full range of motion for two passengers, the simulator also has an air-to-air combat feature.
With high definition, 3D projection and a five-speaker surround sound system, the attraction gives passengers an experience similar to flying, and carrier landings seem like the real thing, a museum spokesperson said.
The pitch and roll technology is patented by MaxFlight. There are multiple different flight scenarios and dozens of different aircraft that come with the unit.
“We are delighted with the addition of our MaxFlight simulator and can’t wait to have our first visitors ride it. This will truly add a new and exciting feature to our overall visitor experience,” said Daniel J. Ryan, the museum’s managing director.
The ride costs $5 per person and will be available during the normal operation hours of Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The museum is at 3100 Airport Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 398-2500.