Santa Monica Place is seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the U.S. Green Building Council and has gained additional retail shops that are planned to join the remodeled center that is now under construction and slated to open on August 6th.

According to mall owner Macerich, examples of green-building practices at the new Santa Monica Place include recycling the existing structure on a previously developed site and sending the majority of construction debris to a recycling facility and turning a climatized indoor mall into an outdoor center. This will have positive environmental implications, including the use of more natural light and natural ventilation of mechanical systems, a Macerich representative said.

By converting the center to open-air, adding a solar roof to tenant areas, and reducing some other common area loads (primarily lighting), Macerich expects to save enough energy to power 90 homes, the company spokesperson said.

Improving connectivity to the downtown Santa Monica streetscape on all sides will make pedestrian access, as well as access to nearby public transportation, more convenient, the spokesperson said.

Other green-building practices are selecting water-efficient landscaping and employing various available technologies to reduce water usage throughout the center; utilizing low-emitting paints, adhesives, carpets, coating and other materials; and ensuring that a portion of new construction materials will consist of recycled content materials, the Macerich representative said.

Additional stores joining Santa Monica Place are Burberry, CB2 and Nike. Each of the new stores are expected to take prime positions within the new shopping center, according to Macerich.

Nike will be a two-level, 19,707-square foot store at the high-profile entrance across from the Third Street Promenade; CB2 will take two levels totaling 14,436 square feet at the Fourth Street entrance; and the Burberry store will take center stage on the main level’s signature plaza with 3,133 square feet, for a total of more than 37,000 square feet, said Macerich officials.