Schools start Wednesday, September 7th, in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

The district has 16 schools, of which four are in Malibu.

The following is a review of Santa Monica public schools:


– Edison Language Academy Charter School, 2425 Kansas Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-0335.

Lori Orum is the principal and the projected enrollment is 400 students.

Edison is a dual immersion school where students learn both English and Spanish. This year, a new second-grade teacher was hired.

– Franklin Elementary School, 2400 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-2814.

Patricia Samarge is the principal and the projected enrollment is 780.

Franklin will focus this year on a writer’s workshop in which students will work with professional writers rather than just learn how to write.

– Grant Elementary School, 2368 Pearl St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 450-7651.

Alan Friedenberg is the principal and the projected enrollment is 715 students.

Grant will celebrate its 100th birthday this year.

The school has plans for many birthday activities, an alumnus reunion and class instruction based around the number 100.

– John Muir Elementary School, 2526 Sixth St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 399-7721.

Martha Duran-Contreras is the principal and the projected enrollment is 352 students.

Muir hired two new teachers and received 30 eMac computers for its computer lab.

The City of Santa Monica has also allowed the school to use new buildings at Los Amigos Park for storing sports equipment and earthquake emergency supplies.

– McKinley Elementary School, 2401 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 828-5011.

Irene Gonzalez is the principal and the projected enrollment is 420 students.

McKinley has expanded its arts and music programs to all grade levels, put new carpet in all classrooms and painted the hallways and bathrooms.

– Roosevelt Elementary School, 801 Montana Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 395-0941.

Jerry Harris is the principal.

– Will Rogers Elementary School, 2401 14th St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 452-2364.

Irma Lyons is the principal.


– John Adams Middle School, 2425 16th St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 452-2326.

Irene Ramos is the principal and the projected enrollment is 1,160 students.

John Adams will start a major reorganization process this year to boost student achievement among all students.

The process includes overhauling classroom instruction and programs that help teachers monitor student learning, parents connect more with students and teachers, and bring in more community mentors.

– Lincoln Middle School, 1501 California Ave., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 393-9227.

Kathy Scott is the principal and the projected enrollment is 1,220 students.

The education focus at Lincoln this year is differential instruction, a staff development process in which teachers look at the content and process of teaching so that the needs of students are being met.

Lincoln is also offering a television class as an elective in which students can create a television show for broadcast in every classroom.


– Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH), 2525 Fifth St., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 396-2640.

Carrie Ferguson is the principal and the projected enrollment is 195 students.

SMASH enrolls all types of students in kindergarten through grade eight — the term “alternative” in its name does not mean the school is for at-risk students.

This year, SMASH will expand its arts programs and health, wellness and physical education programs.

The academic focus will be to teach students how to balance social issues in a school environment.


– Olympic High School, 721 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 392-2494.

Janie Gates is the principal and the projected enrollment is 130 students.

Olympic is a continuation high school.

The goals this year are to increase the pass rate on the state high school exit exam and improve student achievement through standards-based teaching.

A new drum class will be added to the course list.

– Santa Monica High School, 601 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica. Information, (310) 395-3204.

Ilene Straus is the principal and the projected enrollment is between 3,300 and 3,500 students.

The high school is in the third year of a redesign to create smaller learning communities within the large campus.

Outreach specialists have been hired for each of the school’s six houses and the Freshman Seminar course has been revamped to teach students about cultural issues.

A new in-school suspension program will allow students to serve their suspensions on campus instead of at home.

The on-site childcare center for the children of students will also accept newborn-to-18-month-old children of faculty and staff.