The American Red Cross of Santa Monica has launched an emergency disaster project to provide emergency disaster kits to homebound and low-income Santa Monica-area seniors.

The Red Cross Santa Monica chapter, in partnership with WISE and Healthy Aging of Santa Monica, is asking individuals to donate items to include in the disaster kits, said Bill Bauer, a spokesperson for the Santa Monica Red Cross.

People can donate items for the disaster kits by placing them in specially designated red bins at three Santa Monica locations: Bob’s Market at 1650 Ocean Park Blvd.; Red Cross of Santa Monica at 1450 11th St.; and WISE and Healthy Aging at 1527 Fourth St.

Items that can be donated include flashlights, AA batteries, D batteries, personal hygiene items, duct tape, a whistle, playing cards, first-aid kits, battery-powered radios, work gloves and backpacks. The initial goal is to assemble 200 kits.

Donated items will be received through mid-February. Plans call for the emergency kits to be assembled and distributed in late February. The Red Cross will add additional locations to receive donated items over the next few weeks.

“With a major earthquake poised to strike Southern California in the years to come, the elderly are particularly at risk,” said Elizabeth Adams of AmeriCorps, who is spearheading the project for the American Red Cross as a volunteer. “These emergency kits, coupled with a disaster plan, will serve as the foundation for disaster readiness.”

For additional information on senior preparedness, Elizabeth Adams, (424) 203-1115.

For information on how to best prepare for emergencies, contact the Red Cross of Santa Monica, (310) 394-3773 during business hours or online at