The City of Santa Monica is seeking applicants who live or work in the city to participate on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro, formerly MTA) Metro Westside/Central Service Sector Governance Council.

Applications must be received by the City Santa Monica city manager’s office no later than 5 p.m., Friday June 29th.

Applicants must work or reside in Santa Monica to apply for nomination through the Santa Monica City Council.

Application forms are available at Santa Monica City Hall, City Manager’s Office, 1685 Main St., Room 209 in Santa Monica.

Applications my be requested at (310) 458-8301 or

The function of the Governance Council is to assist Metro in its efforts to improve bus service, increase agency accessibility and responsiveness, promote greater coordination, maintain an employee supportive work environment and create a more efficient and customer focused management structure for the delivery of bus service.

Among key principles of the Governance Council are to localize control; maintain a single point of contact for route level service issues; balance responsibility with authority; streamline the decision making process and support agency policies, plans and safety initiatives.

The Sector Governance Councils oversee the planning and implementation of bus service within their area. Their responsibil- ities include:

— approval of the sector general manager’s budget proposal for the chief executive officer’s consideration and recommendation to the Metro board;

— calling and conducting public hearings for sector bus lines;

— approval and evaluation of sector programs;

— implementing service changes;

— reviewing and developing policy recommendations for Metro board approval;

— ensuring compliance with all Metro policies and procedures and legal agreements;

— providing input into the sector general manager’s performance review; and

— participating in annual meetings with the Metro chief executive officer, deputy chief executive officer, the other sector Governance Councils and general managers.

The Metro Board confirms and appoints members to the Westside/Central Service Sector Governance Council based on local nominations.